Cambodian Journalists Alliance Association

Our Work

Activities and projects at CamboJA are implemented under three major pillars: News, Capacity Development, and Research and Advocacy.

CamboJA News

With an aim to improve the lack of comprehensive and accurate information, CamboJA’s news program mobilises independent journalists to produce more credible in-depth and investigative news stories published on our very own digital outlets. With our News team, the program aims to increase availability of high-quality information for the public by providing its support to CamboJA’s members story grants which will enable them to produce more stories freely and release those contents in both languages, Khmer and English.

CamboJA’s News is now available in Khmer

Capacity Development

Strengthening the professionalism of journalists in Cambodia is one of our priorities to promote independent media and freedom of expression. This capacity development program is crucial to equip journalists with news writing and reporting skills, investigative reporting, safety guides, as well as to keep them up-to-date with knowledge and tools on digital media. We are working with various stakeholders to provide journalists with conceptual knowledge on pressing issues related to climate change, human rights, freedom of expression, food, agriculture, science, health, law, etc. These trainings do not only target journalists but also other media practitioners including media students, and citizen journalists or community reporters. 


Research and Advocacy

This program contributes to the promotion of press freedom, freedom of expression and the protection of journalists. To enable Cambodian journalists to exercise their duty freely and safely without censorship or pressure from any party, the program provides referral legal support to journalists who face legal harassment linked to their journalistic work. The program also studies and monitors the situation of media freedom in Cambodia by conducting research, investigating, and advocating for the freedom of the press.