Cambodian Journalists Alliance Association


CamboJA membership is for Cambodian journalists, media professionals, freelancers and citizen journalists, based locally and abroad.

CamboJA membership offers numerous benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Free access to legal and mental health support 
  • Exclusive access to capacity development opportunities 
  • Opportunities to participate in events or activities organized exclusively for members 
  • Free access to counselling service on issues related to professionalism and ethics of journalists 
  • Opportunities to participate in CamboJA’s annual congresses 
  • Opportunities to produce and publish professional contents on /
  • ID card for CamboJA’s membership 
  • Facilitation to obtain a press card issued by the Ministry of Information

Membership Criteria

CamboJA expects to work with at least 200 Cambodian journalists, which accounts for 5 percent of the estimated 4,000 local journalists in Cambodia by 2023. As of April 2021110 Cambodian journalists/media professionals and citizen journalists, 24%of whom are women, have registered as CamboJA’s members. 

Who can be a member of CamboJA?

  • Working journalists for any media organization (reporter, editor, editor-in-chef, photographer, video producer, news presenter, … )  
  • Freelance journalists 
  • Active citizens journalists  
  • Media officers at non-government organizations 
  • Bloggers or Vloggers, who are active in reporting social issues

The membership status is terminated under the following conditions:

  • Written request for termination of membership from the member 
  • Failure to pay membership fee within three months without prior notice 
  • Committed serious professional mistake or any conduct that undermines CamboJA
  • No longer involved in media work 

Membership Fee: 

  • Annual fee is 9,6000 riels (USD 24)  
  • Payment can be made once per year or twice per year. You will be required to pay only when you are accepted to be our member. 

Accepted members are expected to be responsible and participate actively in CamboJA’s activities. 

For queries regarding membership, please contact us via [email protected]. 

If you are ready to become a member with CamboJA,