Cambodian Journalists Alliance Association

Our Story


Explore what makes CamboJA

CamboJA is the only independent network of professional journalists in Cambodia which has been formed by a number of journalists, including former reporters of the Cambodia Daily and Phnom Penh Post which faced government repression in the lead up to 2018 general elections.


In the context of growing restrictions on the media freedom and freedom of expression, CamboJA was initiated by more than 20 professional journalists from different media outlets during a meeting on media situation in Cambodia in February 2019.


Eventually, 15 of them agreed to form a governing body of CamboJA and became board members, aiming to establish a sustainable independent body that can carry out a mission to promote access to information and press freedom, strengthen the professionalism of journalists, and support their livelihoods.



We believe that without credible news, decision-makers could not make an informed decision. This negatively affects the quality of their mandate, roles or responsibilities. Consequently, the right of access to information and freedom of the press are violated. To contribute to the inclusive and sustainable development in Cambodia, we, the CamboJA envision that, “Everyone (living in Cambodia) enjoy freedom of the press and the right of access to information.”


To enrich such long-term ambition, we mandate ourselves to promote freedom of the press, provide credible news, and support and protect journalists at risk or harassed.

Core Values

Our performance is guided by the five core values presented as the following.

  • Freedom : We stand on the fundamental principle of freedom of expression, and press freedom in particular. We support all journalists to exercise their freedoms as guaranteed by national and international laws. CamboJA opposes any action that leads to the narrowing of press freedom.
  • Professionalism : We will adhere to strict professionalism, following journalistic best practices and codes of ethics, and work without fear or favor. Professionalism is the principal value espoused by CamboJA.
  • Integrity : Integrity, transparency, credibility, fairness and reporting the truth are the foundations of our work.
  • Accountability : CamboJA is accountable for its actions under Cambodian laws, particularly in relation to the publication of content.
  • Gender equity : CamboJA promotes women’s participation in the field of journalism. CamboJA welcomes the active participation of women journalists at all levels.

Goal and Specific Objectives:

Within the given strategic timeline 2024-2028, we wish to see “News audiences increase their informed decision through the usage of credible news obtained from/through CamboJA.” CamboJA will address the three interlinked and complementary issues identified and elaborated aforementioned. The anticipated positive changes we will deliver include, (1) increased support and protection of journalists at risk and/or harassed, and (2) improved enabling environment and pro-media regulations and enforcement for journalism, and (3) increased availability of and accessibility to credible news by news audiences. As an overarching objective, CamboJA will build up its institution, as an independent association to support members and the media sector, to be more robust and financially viable. Key indicators to be tracked and measured to assess the level of success are presented below. Definitions and details will be provided in the to-be-developed M&E planning and comprehensive MEAL framework.