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MEAL System Consultant

Phnom Penh
Assignment Title:MEAL System Consultant
Report to:Executive Director
Location:Phnom Penh
Application Deadline: Jan 31, 2024
Type of Contract: Short-term Consultancy
Language Required:English & Khmer
Estimated Duration:approximately 3 months (05 Feb – April 30, 2024) 
  1. About CamboJA

CamboJA is a membership association of Cambodian journalists and media workers established in 2019. Our mission is to promote freedom of the press, provide credible news, and support and protect journalists at risk or facing harassment. Informed by findings from the past five-year strategic plan evaluation, we are rolling out our new five-year strategic plan 2024-2028. Within this strategic timeline, our action will focus on: (1) supporting and protecting journalists at risk and/or harassed and their family members of concern to be able to continue their journalistic jobs and secure their livelihoods; (2) advocating to the government to improve the enabling environment and pro-media regulation and enforcement for journalism, and (3) making credible news available and accessible for news audiences. 

  1. About the Assignment

CamboJA aims to achieve high levels of quality and accountability. As part of our ongoing work in measuring quality and accountability and as we seek to demonstrate cohesiveness, effectiveness, and relevance, CamboJA will look to develop/undertake:  

  • Results driven, evidenced-based approaches combined with effective and efficient metrics 
  • Use of existing and emerging technologies, including digital, to measure and communicate real time data to ensure more responsive programming  
  • The communication of outcome/impact level results, validating the stories of change we share with our members and supporters  
  • A culture of learning through knowledge and capacity exchanges, lessons learned and undertaking real-time evaluations to improve performance  
  • A culture of adaptive leadership which is responsive to a changing environment. CamboJA will undertake an evaluation of progress and impact on a periodical basis, providing space for CamboJA to make any mid-term changes and adjustments in response to changing realities. 
  • Put the MEAL system in place and is fully functioning.
  1. Objective

CamboJA is looking for a consultant/team of consultants to develop a comprehensive and participatory MEAL system and manual that will act as a guiding system for measuring quality and accountability of our five-year strategic plan's (2024-2028) implementation. The development of this system should be premised on a results-driven approach to monitoring and evaluation, emphasising results and impacts. The system should incorporate as much as possible, existing MEAL mechanisms within CamboJA and serve the context in which CamboJA operates. 

The consultant will work closely with CamboJA program staff and the management committee. 

  1. Scope of Work

The consultant/team of consultants is expected to carry out the following tasks to achieve the above-mentioned objective. 

  • Review relevant documents such as the strategic plan, project reports, and organizational reports to inform the MEAL system development process  
  • Discuss and consult with the CamboJA program teams to develop the MEAL system  
  • Develop monitoring tools and reporting templates  
  • Develop a system which enables users to easily track progress performance against set targets and indicators and generate data  
  • Develop data collection tools (including templates/forms), how to enter required data and analyze by using Excel or other applications, templates and forms for reports 
  • Present the MEAL system to relevant staff 
  • Train relevant staff to ensure they have good understanding of and ability to use the MEAL system  
  • Support and assist the program teams to practice data collection, data entry, and data analysis. 
  • Produce a MEAL manual with clear and specific guidance/instruction on the MEAL processes
  1. Timeframe

The consultancy is expected to be completed within a three (3) month period (Feb – April 2024).   


  1. Key Milestones and Deliverables Submission Schedule
Milestone DeliverableKey TasksSubmission Deadline
1Work Plan
  • Conduct consultative meetings with relevant teams of CamboJA to establish the work plan
  • Review existing reports and documents including those provided by CamboJA
Week 3 of Feb
2Complete Draft Version of the MEAL System and Data Collection Tools
  • Consult with program staff to prepare the first draft MEAL system 
  • Present the first version of the MEAL system including the draft manual and data collection tools
  • Adjust the first version based on the collected feedback
  • Present the second version of the MEAL system and collect another round of feedback from CamboJA
  • Address all feedback received
  • Submit the second version of the MEAL system including draft manual and data collection tools to CamboJA
Week 3 of Mar
3Training/Orientation Report
  • Provide training/orientation to relevant staff on the draft MEAL system
  • Support and guide CamboJA staff to practice data collection, data entry, analysis and reporting using the new system and tools
  • Produce the training/orientation report with evidence of the users’ good understanding of and ability to use the system
Week 3 of April
4Finalization of the MEAL System and Manual
  • Finalize the MEAL System responsive to received feedback
  • Develop the MEAL manual to provide clear and specific guidance/instructions on CamboJA’s MEAL system and how to comply with it
  • Submit the final version of the MEAL manual for CamboJA to review and approve
  • Submit all finalized data collection tools/forms/templates.
Week 4 of April
  1. Desired Qualifications and Key Competencies
  • Be an independent consultant/team of consultants or registered entity with no affiliation with any government and political parties
  • Have good knowledge of the Cambodian media landscape
  • Have extensive experience in supporting non-profit institutions working in media and/or other related fields with MEAL system development (Experience in Cambodia is preferred) 
  • Have proven experience with the logical framework approach and other strategic planning approaches, M&E methods and approaches (including quantitative, qualitative and participatory), training in M&E development and implementation, facilitating learning-oriented analysis sessions of M&E data with stakeholders, data and information analysis, and report writing
  • Capacity to deliver high-quality outputs in a timely manner


  1. Submission Requirements

Interested individuals or institutions are invited to submit an application in English no later than January 31, 2024. The application must include:

  • A resume outlining past experience in this area of work, relevant skills required for this consultancy and a minimum of two referees.
  • A Technical Proposal
  • A Financial Proposal

Applications must be submitted by e-mail to:  [email protected]  

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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