With an aim to fill out the gap of lacking comprehensive contents and to increase access to accurate news and information, CamboJA’s News program is working to mobilize Cambodian professional and independent journalists to produce more credible in-depth and investigative news stories for publishing on CamboJA’s News outlets. With its News team, the program contributes to increase availability of high-quality information for public by providing its support to CamboJA’s members story grants which will enable them to produce more stories freely and releasing those contents in both languages, Khmer and English.

Upcoming work:

  1. The Khmer website will be officially launched on September 9th which more Khmer news articles be available there.  More contents would be translated and ready for publishing in both languages Khmer and English.
  2. News program is going to recruit one more full-time reporters in September, 2020 to report general news including human trafficking, land dispute, illegal logging and others.
  3. At least one Khmer Editor, and one senior photo editor are going to be recruited by early 2021
  4. The program is planning to team up citizen journalists with full-time reporters and freelance journalists

Previous work:

  1. About 300 in-depth and feature stories have produced and published on www.cambojanews.com and shared on Facebook and Twitter. Most of the contents focus on labor rights situation, impact of Covid-19 on workers, human rights violations, land conflicts, freedom of expression and other human-interest issues.
  2. At least 3 constructive opinions have been approved by CamboJA News editor-in-chief to be published on the news website. Besides working with the two full-time senior reporters, the editor-in-chief has been working with at least 3 foreign associate editors (one of whom is female), a group of professional photojournalists; 10 freelance reporters (4 of whom are female; and 5 translators who are also experienced journalists).

At least 50 news stories have been translated and are ready to be published on its Khmer language website.