Cambodian Journalists Alliance Association

Quarterly Monitoring Report on Journalism Situation in Cambodia (October – December 2022)

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This quarterly report from CamboJA is part of our ongoing efforts to monitor and advocate for press freedom in Cambodia. It includes brief summaries of incidents and news updates related to press freedom and freedom of expression of journalists from October-December 2022.

One significant development we have monitored this quarter is four journalists covering deforestation or illegal logging being charged with extortion, one who has gone into hiding. Additionally, VOD and VOA journalists were denied access to Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen’s press conference following the ASEAN Summit on November 13, while dozens of other journalists were permitted entry.

CamboJA recorded 6 cases of harassment against 10 journalists (2 female) and observed 7 incidents related to violations of journalists’ right to free expression during this quarter. Also in this report, we have compiled updates on challenges facing independent media and trends in freedom of expression and media development.

Read full report: English language | Khmer language

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