Cambodian Journalists Alliance Association

Quarterly Monitoring Report on Journalism Situation in Cambodia (January – March, 2024)

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The quarterly report from CamboJA serves as a crucial tool for recording and evaluating trends and developments in the state of press freedom in Cambodia. It includes brief summaries of incidents and news updates related to press freedom over the period of January-March 2024.

Freedom of the press is the cornerstone of every democracy. Independent media outlets and journalists act as watchdogs — holding those in power accountable, promoting transparency, and encouraging the free flow of information from diverse perspectives. Freedom of the press empowers citizens by providing them with accurate and reliable information.

This quarter, CamboJA recorded ten cases of harassment against 18 journalists. This included seven instances of legal intimidation, such as lawsuits; one case of physical violence, in which three online journalists were severely beaten while reporting on gambling; and two cases of journalists benign restricted from reporting in a public place.

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